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Information Service

24/7 Assistance Hotline

+ 86 21 6146 1800

  • Relay of urgent messages
  • Traffic accident coordination
  • Reminder service
  • Travel information


Relay of urgent message

Europ assistace will be responsible for relaying messages to the Customer that relate to any of the events covered in the Policy.

Traffic accident coordination

In the event of the Customer suffering an accident Europ assistance shall coordinate all of the assistance services. The cost of such services shall be borne by the Customer.

Reminder service

Europ assistance shall remind the Customer in a timely manner of the need to renew the Vehicle’s registration  and their driver’s license.




Travel information

Europ assistance shall provide relevant information for the Customer’s journey, such as the location of gasoline stations, medical facilities, hotels and banks, and the weather forecast for their destination.