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RSA supplier qualification

     1,543 roadside assistance network service providers (road trailers and fast repair service), covering 535 cities.
  •  24 hours a day throughout the year with the conditions of service
  •  With a towing company's business qualifications, or have national-level car repair I,II qualification
  •  Loading insurance coverage?
  •  Rescue vehicle well equipped with good tools to facilitate communication
  •  Good geographical distribution of rescue vehicle
  •  Strict compliance with the rescue process and agreed price
  •  Rescue process timely feedback
  •  Courtesy

Medical Assistance supplier qualification

     More than 500 long-term cooperative hospital
  •  Joint venture clinics in major cities
  •  2 cooperation charter company domestically
  •  2 special medical transport companies with six special transporter doctors
  •  Various provinces and cities, popular tourist spots, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao stagnation agent
  •  Make contact with the consulate of visa applications
  •  In Shanghai, Beijing and big cities of the hotel, flights, transport, funeral agency