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Travel Tips

Before travel, all the preparatory work is always complicated. There is one thing didn't do forever! There is something not bring forever! Destination information will always be missed!

It doesn't matter .Europ Assistance will solve all problems for you!

Prepare for the trip
  • Check the validity of your passport, and put them into your luggage.
  • At least 6 weeks in advance to check what vaccine of inject you need.
  • Prepare enough cash and some reserve funds, for example: the traveler's checks and credit Cards, etc.
  • Check your ticket and other documents (e.g., accommodation)
  • Buy enough travel insurance - check your travel insurance for the trip.
  • To find a good guide to learn more about your destination, the local laws and customs.
  • Leave a copy of your schedule and contact details, such as E-mail address to your family or friends.
  • Photocopy of your passport and insurance policy, together with traveler's checks and travel ticket details to your family or friends.
  • Prepare a medical kit, it is suggested that preparation of enough amount of drugs, ready for the trip unfortunately been delayed.
  • Power plug adapter.
  • Another glasses or contact lenses for backup.
  • When packing, don't put valuables into the checked baggage.
Before leaving the house.

Locks all the doors and Windows.

Cancel the door-to-door delivery of milk, and newspapers.

Turn off the water main.

Ask neighbors to help take care of your home, and leave them with your contacts or email address.

Leave a spare key to family members or friends.

Ensure that the pet has someone to look after.

A Health Plan



Route of transmission


The affected areas

Yellow fever

Urban yellow fever infection is the infection way of mosquito bites.

Jungle of yellow fever transmission routes are monkeys.

Mild fever (for 3-4 days): fever, muscle pain, trembling, nausea.

Acute fever:jaundice, abdominal pain, nose, mouth and eyes bleeding

Tropical Africa, South America, the Caribbean, the outbreak in Central America and Europe

Hepatitis A

Through infected people or the consumption of contaminated food or water

Stomach pain, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, jaundice

Africa, India, Turkey, in various areas of South America, Thailand, Malaysia


Through the infected mosquito

Fever, headache, vomiting, cold symptoms

Mainly in Africa, especially sub-Saharan


Was bitten by the dog rabies

There are two types of rabies can be involved in breathing, stomach or the nervous system. May cause extreme hyperactivity or paralysis

Asia, Africa, China, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia


After drinking contaminated water

Fever, headache, fatigue, vomiting, and in extreme cases can invade the nervous system, causing paralysis for hours


Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Niger, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ghana, Mali and Togo