Who we are?

Love to travel? Go to travel!

Love adventure? To take the risk!

Without fear of dripping fun?

You really can do it!


Travel assistance pioneer, just around the corner

Who we are?

Your car is fixed, I can send it to you!

Your car need to be examined ,

Have no time to deal with?

I'll arrange!


Not just for your car, it's for you!


Who we are?

What about the housework?

The part-time worker will arrive soon!

How about the old man and the child?

You can hand over to professional care and nanny!


You're the owner of your family!


Who we are?

Stomach ache again?

We can help you set up a doctor?

Don't want to go to the hospital?

Fix a time ,let's go to your home!


We can do more for your health!

About Europ Assistance China

Europ Assistance China

A Pioneer in China Market

In 1989, Europ Assistance China Rep office founded in 1989 in Beijing.In 2005, Europ Assistance China opened which was 100% owned by Europ Assistance Group. In 2006, Shanghai branch office opened and alarm center, operation moved to Shanghai. In the same year, automotive assistance was launched formally in China.

Europ Assistance China-Call Center

Call Center

24 Hours Multilingual Language Service

With its international network, Europ Assistance combines global efficiency with local solutions in China; Especially in Automobile Assistance, we extend far into 3rd and 4th tier provincial cities. Europ Assurance provides on-the-spot network and delivers responsive services 24h/365d throughout the world by arranging one telephone for each service of each customer, so that our customers can call us anytime and anywhere.

Powerful Network

Root in the China, Link the world

Europ Assistance provides emergency networks which cover over 200 countries and regions. We have 44 branches and 41 alarm centers. All the branches of Europ Assistance adopt the Group Service Platform to make sure the uniform standard services; Automotive Assistance extends into 3rd and 4th tier provincial cities, total 627 cities.

If you need information call us

+86 21 61297979

Monday-Friday 09:00 - 18:00

Prefer to be contacted? Indicate your e-mail adress and we will contact you.

Focus Care Stories

November, 2013.Canada.

Acquire insurance with overseas emergency assistance for the elderly not only can solve troubles, but represent the love from their children. CONTINUE »

February, 2013. Guangdong.

While Mr.Li was driving through the highway,the motor indicated high water temperature. He got the Europ Assistance's professional assistance immediately. CONTINUE »

About us

A Historically Strong Brand

In 1963, Pierre Desnos was the first to identify the emerging needs of holidaymakers,appreciating the unprecedented growth in tourism and motoring. He invented the assistance concept. CONTINUE »

"This is the Care Revolution"

The 2000s,we invented "The Care Services".It reflects the major social changes which include an ageing population,increasing urbanisation, and the increased focus on health and will-being. CONTINUE »