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Our International Network

An international network of employees and partners to offer you the best possible services worldwide 24/7.


With its international network, Europ Assistance combines global efficiency with local solutions.

The Group delivers responsive services 24/7 throughout the world, thanks to the teamwork of:


35 subsidiaries on five continents

This firm footing in national markets guarantees in-depth knowledge of the field, a fine-tuned understanding of local specificities, and familiarity with market mechanisms and regulations.  


8,000 staff

To provide its customers with solutions 24/7, Europ Assistance has a staff of 4,300 assistance agents in 40 call centres around the world.


420,000 services providers on call 24/7.

To respond immediately to our customers' needs and solve complex problems in real time, Europ Assistance has built a network of service providers supervised and controlled by its four business lines.


• 208 countries are covered by Group correspondents all over the world

Acting as an on-the-spot interface, Europ Assistance Correspondents help subsidiaries find local solutions for each customer request.