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Assistance to Occupants

24/7 Assistance Hotline

+ 86 21 6146 1800

  • Hotel
  • Rental car
  • Luggages transportation
  • Taxi services
  • Accommodation and/or travel expenses incurred by the Customer due to the immobilization or theft of the Covered Vehicle

Assistance to Occupants offers peace of mind through a 24-hour contact centre that will dispatch the appropriate services in the event of an emergency

Accomodation and/or travel expenses icurred by the costumer due to the immobilization or the theft of the covered vehicle

In the event of immobilization of the Vehicle and in accordance with repair times and waiting periods outlined below, the Customer may choose from the following benefits:


  a. In the event that the Vehicle is unable to be repaired on the same day as its immobilization to stay at the location where the Vehicle is being repaired, Europ assistace shall bear the cost of the Customer’s accommodation at a 4-star hotel (or  similar standard if a 4-star hotel is unavailable due to a lack of vacancies or there is no such hotel available) while the Vehicle is being repaired with a maximum stay of three nights. Europ assistance shall also meet the Customer’s cost of transport to the hotel by taxi. All other costs (e.g. telephone, meals other than breakfast when it is included in the hotel tariff) shall be met by the Customer .


 b. To return to their usual place of residence or to continue their trip to their intended destination:


  1. Distance ≤1000 km - train (first class ticket)


  1. Distance >1000 km – airplane (economy class ticket)

A taxi shall also be arranged by Europ assistance to take the Customer to the train station or airport.


A similar ticket shall also be arranged for the Costumer or their designated representative to recover the vehicle once it has been repaired.


 c. In the event that the Vehicle is not repaired at the same location at which the Customer lives and it cannot be repaired on the same day, Europ assistance will provide the Customer with a  courtesy vehicle of comparable standard to the Customer’s vehicle.       


Luggage transportation

In cases where the Customer is transported according to the conditions outlined above, Europ assistance will also transport the luggage of the Customer and passengers , up to a limit of 20 kg per person. Any excess luggage fees shall be paid for by the Customer. Only luggage that is legally able to be carried in the Vehicle will be covered.

Delivery at home

Should the Vehicle have been repaired at a dealership and the Costumer is unable to return to collect their his vehicle, the following arrangaments shall be made:


  1. Should the repair shop be within 200 km of the Costumer's usual place of residence Europ assistance shall arrange to deliver the vehicle to the Costumer's residence. The Customer shall firstly  verify that the Vehicle has been repaired to their expectations as EUROP ASSISTANCE cannot assume such responsibility.
  2. Should the repair shop be more than 200 km from the Customer’s usual place of residence, Europ assistance shall arrange for the Customer to travel to the repair shop to collect their vehicle.



Motoring of vehicle repairs

In the event that the Vehicle is repaired by a dealership, Europ assistance shall monitor the whole repair process, and notify the Customer when the vehicle shall be available for collection.



Taxi service

Europ assistance shall provide the Customer with a free taxi service or reimbursement of their travel expenses after towing service has been provided to enable the Customer to travel to their home/office or intended destination.