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50 years of care innovation

Inventor of the assistance concept in 1963.

The Europ Assistance Group celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.


Europ Assistance is celebrating its 50th birthday. Our story is all about you. Relive it! [video]


Founded in France in 1963 by Pierre Desnos, a visionary French entrepreneur, the Europ Assistance Group celebrates this year its 50th anniversary and that of assistance, a business activity he created.

Five decades of a Group that now covers and 32 other countries.

50 years of being attuned to customers and tracking trends in society

This admirably sums up Europ Assistance’s history. The story of Europ Assistance begins back in 1963, at the initiative of Pierre Desnos: he was the first to identify the emerging needs of holidaymakers back then, fully appreciating the scale of the changes underway and the unprecedented growth in tourism and motoring. He invented the assistance concept, which in turn gave rise to the Group. This new business activity quickly came on to play important role in the day-to-day life of consumers wishing to enjoy maximum protection during their trips, whether on holiday or in their car.

After the 1980s, a time of international expansion for the Europe Assistance Group, a decisive moment came in the 2000s with the creation of two new activities: Health and Home & Family services. A response to the “Care Revolution” conceived by Europ Assistance in 2003. An unprecedented revolution characterised by an ever-growing need for personalised services, the significant growth in demand for care, increasing urbanisation, greater mobility and rising life expectancy, etc.

A ground-breaking vision, once again in line with changes in society and in its customers, as in nearly 10 years the Europ Assistance Group has grown threefold, reporting worldwide revenue of 1.417 billion euros in 2012.

Today these two new activities (Health and Home & Family), which are at the heart of Care Services, alone account for nearly a quarter of the Group's worldwide revenue; at the same time contributing to the earning power of the Group, which for financial year 2012 reported operating income of €56 million, up 65% on 2011.