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A Phone Call from the Daughter-in-law

    November, 2013, Canada. Europ Assistance executive has received an emergency call. Ms. Feng, at the age of over 60, was traveling with the family of her son in Canada and enjoyed the happiness. Yet out of carelessness, she fell down and the situation was nasty. Therefore, her family sent her to the hospital immediately. Surrounded by anxiety and stress, Europ Assistance has come to the mind of Ms. Feng’s daughter-in-law. She wished to seek professional help from Europ Assistance to get the best treatment for the elderly.

    After receiving the call, Europ Assistance executive came immediately to the hospital where Ms. Feng was treated to have an update of her status. Through the re-examination of the local medical report by Europ Assistance doctor, Ms. Feng was diagnosed to have a fracture in the right hip joint that requires an emergency operation, which indicates the same diagnosed as the local Canadian hospital. Europ Assistance immediately made arrangements to pay the medical expenses for Ms. Feng and also provided lots of advice and guidance to her family, including the daily living care on Ms. Feng and notes about food intake during rehabilitation, etc.

    Five days after the operation, Ms. Feng has recovered enough to be released. Europ Assistance has paid all her expenses regarding hospitalization and operation and started to track progress of her rehabilitation after hospital release.

    Afterwards, Europ Assistance executive has tracked several follow-up visits of Ms. Feng and kept attention on her rehabilitation. After getting judges from a professional doctor that Ms. Feng’s status has been able to fly back to China, Europ Assistance has notified that they can arrange the availability of flight to Ms. Feng appropriately. However, Ms. Feng preferred to stay in Canada with her family, which is fully understood by Europ Assistance. Hence the emergency medical assistance for Ms. Feng has come to an end.

    The elderly has a more fragile physical status. Acquire insurance with outbound emergency assistance for the elderly not only can solve troubles, but represent the love from their children.