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The assistance of highway in the middle of the night

Feb.18, 2013. Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. While Mr. Huang, a VIP client, was driving through Jiangmen section of Shenzhen-Luoding Highway, the motor indicated high water temperature. Unsure of the possibility to continue driving with such dysfunction, he contacted Europ Assistance for help.

    After receiving the call from client by Europ Assistance executive, a three-link technician analyzed the failure online. The technician pointed out that the motor cooling system went wrong and needed to be repaired immediately. Besides, further driving is not allowed. Due to the fact that Mr. Huang was on the highway, the rescue executive has confirmed his exact location through the map system. Besides, they were able to placate him. However, since all highway section is under common control, the Shenzhen-Luoding highway road rescue team was informed to arrange the rescue vehicle immediately, and tow the vehicle to the highway exit. In the meantime, Europ supplier in Jiangmen was notified to pick up the vehicle at the exit. Upon the handover at the exit, Europ had also arranged the taxi to send Mr. Huang and passengers to downtown of Jiangmen.

    Since the client is not a local here, Europ presented a few local professional repair factories in good relationship for the client to choose from and had the vehicle towed to the factory for repairing in a secure way. However, upon the examination, the repair factory pointed out that the vehicle cannot be repaired. Therefore, Europ called the client immediately for updating the situation and arranged a 4-star hotel for him for one night until the repair was finished.

    On the next day, Europ immediately followed up the vehicle situation and called Mr. Huang to pick it up when the repair was completed.

    In this case, Mr. Huang has not only received highly efficient and rapid road assistance service, but the tailored value-added services that reassured him. During the whole process, Europ has maintained immediate and effective communication with Mr. Huang to keep him informed all the whole process.